On Coffee and Nuclear Power

In which yet another blog is added to the exponentially growing mass of thoughts and opinions that is the internet.

Despite the name, I don’t plan on writing very much at all about coffee (even though coffee is what is at fault for the existence of this blog). Although there will probably be at least one or more rants about nuclear power and why people seem to be so gosh-darned resistant to it and how to get them to change their minds (you can take a guess as to where I stand on that issue). I do plan on writing about topics such as energy policy, climate change, and sustainable living. Additionally, the other major focus of this blog will be topics related to space exploration and settlement, such as in-situ resource utilization, spacecraft propulsion methods, designs for space habitats, and planetary science, all of which have a surprising amount of overlap with the first set of topics.

In fact, it’s my goal to explore the boundaries where these topics overlap, in order to show how exploring and settling space can help improve life for people living on Earth while also making humanity as a whole a space-faring, multi-planetary civilization.

For my first set of posts, I’m planning on writing about an event in the geologically recent past called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, and how it can be used as a proxy to better understand and predict the current episode of global warming being caused by the carbon dioxide emissions of our fossil fuel powered global civilization. Using the paleoclimate data as a guide, can human civilization adapt and survive if climate change continues unabated? What factors are similar between now and the PETM, and what’s different? How good of a model is the PETM to current anthropogenic warming?

I might not get to all of those questions in one post, and I’m leaning towards making it a series of posts instead. I’ll try to keep things relatively upbeat, given the subject matter. But that’s what you can look forward to. I also have some plans for some posts involving Martian water ice extraction and optimal designs for rotating space habitats, so there’s definitely enough material bouncing around in my head to provide a varied and (hopefully) interesting stream of content for a while.

Until then, keep looking up.


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